Mary Ann Cowie nee Bates 1867-1949

Mary Ann Cowie, nee Bates 1867-1949 dau. of Nathaniel Bates & Ann Pauley, nee Williams.


Notes:  Photo Courtesy of Marie Heilbrunn.

Mary Ann Cowie, nee Bates 1867-1949.  Mary Ann was the daughter of Nathaniel Bates and Ann Pauley nee Williams. I have thirteen children listed as being the children of Nathaniel & Ann, Mary Ann being their second child.

Marie Heilbrunn in her book The Bates of Sussex St.  says:  c.1865 while married to Harriett Watson, their neighbour’s wife, Ann Pauley, nee Williams moved in to their home at Flax Point and Nathanaiel continued to father chidlren with both women, a total of 24.  This was in addition to his three children by his first wife, Hinepu.