Harold James Reid

Harold James Reid Son of Robert G. Reid

Photo Courtesy of Willoughby City Library.

Harold James Reid, BEM, 1896 – 1984,  son of Robert (Barney) George Reid & Eliza H. Waugh, served as Town Clerk of Willoughby Municipal Council for many years. He was noted for his Civic work and his service to the Community in many areas.  He and his wife, Vera, only had the one daughter, Peggy Reid. The Harold Reid Reserve at Middle Cove was named in his  honour by Willoughby Council.

Harold James Reid commenced duties with Willoughby Municipal Council on 29th April 1912 then became Deputy Town Clerk in 1924. He was appointed Town Clerk on 8th March 1956. When he retired on 31st December 1965 he had had 53 1/2 years service with Council. After his retirement Harold Reid was Secretary of the Willoughby Senior Citizens Centre and subsequently served as Secretary of the Willoughby Retirement Village Committee and also Treasurer of the Chatswood Rotary Club.  Harold worked five days a week at the Senior Citizens Centre and was also involved in the Meals on Wheels Service, the organisation of the Club’s activities and controlled the use of the Centre by other organisations.

Harold James Reid was a man who went about his duties without seeking publicity.

Source:  Biography, Reid, H. J.  Local Studies Section, Willoughby City Library, 5th March, 1980 .